Plum Victoria on Pixy

Plum Victoria on Pixy

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  • For a dwarf Plum Tree – Pixy is a dwarf bush rootstock, space required approx 7′ wide and 8′ high, smaller when containerized.
  • St Julien‘ makes a bigger orchard sized tree for grassy area etc, needing 10’ across, 12’+ high
  • A supercolumn tree is a narrow space saving option for border, pots, etc, just 18″ across, 6-7′ high
  • Victoria grows against any sunny warm wall as a fan, space required 6-8′ high & wide
  • Victoria is self fertile so doesn’t need another Plum to crop
  • Plant bare root October-April, or from pot-grown at other times
  • Most well drained ordinary soils are suitable, in a sunny spot
  • Smaller dwarfing trees can crop 1-2 years after planting, more vigorous stocks take longer – 3-4 years sometimes.

The divinely flavoured Victoria Plum is quite likely the most famous fruit tree ever raised, certainly for garden growing. Ask anyone to name a Plum tree and it will almost inevitably be a Victoria, brought to mind by that divinely sweet and succulent flavour and the distinctive rosy red over yellow flush. For over a century it has inspired devotion and love amongst gardeners, orchardists and foodies alike.


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