Hydrangea Hort Bleu Bodensee

Hydrangea Hort Bleu Bodensee

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Some people feel that Hydrangeas are past it, reminiscent of granny’s garden and days gone by and best forgotten. We’ll let you into a secret, the far from humble ‘mophead’ is no shrinking violet ready to be thrown on the fickle horticultural funeral pyre of once popular plants that have had their day!

The Hydrangea is actually making a comeback. The colours are blowsy and retro, the shape and size of the head is ostentatious and completely out there. It’s not for the faint hearted or the subtle quiet types. The Hydrangea is mad, bad and dangerous to know! The colour of this Hydrangea mophead is a gorgeous blue, although if your soil is alkaline, it will have a tendency to take on pink hues over time, this is where it is well suited to growing in pots and tubs, or simply giving Hydrangea colourant a try.

Bodensee is real dynamite in the world of hydrangeas as it produces a good “second showing” flush of flowers late in the summer and it also makes an excellent dried flower too. For weeks of colour, this is the one for you. The shrub itself is rounded, with deciduous foliage and thick, oval lime green foliage. They benefit from being pruned hard back in Spring and flourish best in a moist, well drained soil, they also like partial shade.¬†Supplied as bushy plants in approx 1-2 litre containers.


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