Irrigation & Water Systems

Take advantage of hiring an automatic drip irrigation system, fully installed from just £50 per year.

For complex installations, please contact us for a free site survey.

  • Save hundreds of pounds on your watering costs (based on assumption of half an hour per day for 16 weeks at minimum wage £400)
  • Save wilted or damaged displays (even one missed day’s water in the height of summer could irreversibly damage your baskets)
  • Never worry again about your baskets being watered when somebody has a day sick or on holiday, or if you’re too busy to water them
  • You can have the peace of mind knowing that the baskets are going to be watered stop All from just £50 per year

Automatic Drip Irrigation Systems are a cost effective and ecologically friendly method of maintaining your display.

Maximum effect whilst keeping your running costs to a minimum.